Privacy - The Coffee Mate

We are trying to make your purchasing experience in The Coffee Mate’s e-shop as easy as possible, and we want your orders to reach you as quickly as possible, therefore we need your precise information, which we collect and manage.

When is personal information collected?

When you place your orders in The Coffee Mate’s e-shop, during inquiries about products, orders and their status, etc. Also, when you subscribe to our newsletter.

For what purposes do we use personal information?

We use all information to:

  • giving you information about your order ( when and where you will receive your products);
  • delivering your order to the correct location;
  • answering inquiries or other questions;
  • sending the newsletters, which are related to “The Coffee Mate” trademark.

What personal data is collected?

All the info that is necessary for orders and direct marketing purposes:

  • order details (name, surname, company code and etc.);
  • delivery information;
  • contact information (e-mail, phone number).

How is personal info handled?

All personal and payment related information is collected and handled safely (supported by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate) and is used confidentially. We are committed to not spreading your (and other customers’) private information to third parties (this commitment is not valid in cases that are provided of UK legal acts). You can always contact us and receive feedback about what information we are collecting, and delete or change it.

We have full right to edit or fully change private policy terms and conditions by informing you about it in The Coffee Mate’s e-shop.

About data changes or additional information please refer to our general contacts.