Decaffeinated coffee: Things you should still learn about

Decaffeinated coffee: Things you should still learn about

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It’s the moment you’re the most excited for in the morning—your aromatic, hot cup of coffee. It wakes you up, gives you that much-needed energy kick and sets you up for the day. However, not everyone can enjoy it—some people can have very minimal amounts of caffeine or must absolutely skip it for various reasons. Just to be sure to skip the caffeine, not the drink itself. Here, caffeine-free coffee (Decaf) comes to the rescue.

Between a great amount of different kinds of beans we also made some space on our shelves for caffeine-free coffee. However, when talking about coffee with our fellow coffee mates, we noticed that more often than not caffeine-free sounds somewhat uncertain to some people, as if they don’t know what it actually is and are a little bit afraid to find out. So we gathered up some information and will try to break-up all the caffeine-free fears right here and now.

BUT FIRST… BRIEFLY ABOUT CAFFEINE. Caffeine is a natural component found in coffee tree seeds, tea, cola nuts and elsewhere. This component not only tones our bodies, it basically fires-up our engines: improves mental and physical capabilities, increases metabolism, blood flow and even breathing. Caffeine is connected to many positive affects for our health, for instance Alzheimer’s and liver diseases prevention.

The amount of caffeine in your coffee depends on many things: type of coffee beans, roast level, portion size. It’s interesting to know: how much caffeine is there in your daily cup of coffee?

  • Black coffee, brewed in a cup. One of the most popular types of preparation. Regular size coffee cup (240 ml) can contain 95-200 mg of caffeine.
  • Espresso. Standard size (30–50 ml) portion has around 63mg of caffeine.
  • Espresso based drinks with milk. Latte, Cappuccino, Macchiato, Americano – all of those are espresso based, so caffeine amount stays the same—around 63mg.

Decaffeinated coffee. The Coffee Mate

WHO SHOULD DRINK DECAFFEINATED COFFEE? Some of us are far much more sensitive to caffeine than others. There are people, who simply love coffee and want to enjoy it every day, but they can’t—because of caffeine. However, they still dream of starting the day with a cup of delicious coffee. Here they have a solution: the great alternative of caffeine-free coffee. Even though caffeine-free coffee was quite rare and not quite well understood in the world of coffee, now the sales of caffeine-free are rising and it takes up around 3% of worldwide coffee market.

Pregnant women, elderly, those who experience anxiety, have high blood pressure, heart or stomach problems—your solution is caffeine-free coffee.

It’s also a great choice for those, who like to enjoy a cup of coffee in the late afternoon or evening, but noticed that it’s much more difficult to fall asleep afterwords. If you want to sleep well but don’t want to say no to your evening ritual with a hot cup of coffee—choose caffeine-free option.

GENIUS OF SIMPLICITY. Fact: caffeine-free coffee is exactly the same coffee as your regular, simply without the caffeine, which was removed naturally. Just to be fully accurate, I should mention that a small part of caffeine still remains in the beans even after removing processes, but it’s incredibly small and hardly noticeable—around 0.1% (3mg).

Decaffeinated coffee. The Coffee Mate

DECAFFEINATION PROCESS. Mysterious caffeine removing process is truly not mysterious at all. Usually it takes just some plain old water to remove caffeine, since caffeine is soluble in water. It’s very easy to naturally remove caffeine and it happens somewhat like this:

  • Raw coffee beans are soaked using water and steam
  • Caffeine is removed by using water and filters from active carbon. Caffeine gets trapped inside the filters and stays there.

Since caffeine is removed without using any chemicals, simply by natural water, coffee prepared from such beans will be light and won’t irritate your stomach.

COFFEE BEANS CAFE LIEGEOIS DELLA NOTE. We care so much about each and every single one of our friends, so in our assortment we have several caffeine-free options for those coffee lovers, who can’t have caffeine or want to cut down on it. One of them is light and aromatic Della Notte. In the aroma of freshly prepared cup you will feel ripe berry sweetness—raspberries and blueberries—which will remind you of freshly baked berry cake. There’s also a hint of tingling spice. In the flavour you will notice tree bark, moss and a little light bitterness. Full, 100 % Arabica mix.

So, it’s not as important anymore if you’re friends drink coffee with caffeine or not. You can enjoy delicious, aromatic coffee in the mornings, at work or during those sleepy afternoons without limiting yourself. Enjoy!